The Secular Gold Bull

This chart shows our awesome secular gold bull to date, the proof of the pudding.  For about six years now, a secular time span, gold demand has exceeded gold supply driving up prices on balance.  If it was the other way around, if supply, including central bank selling, exceeded demand, this would be a downward-sloping bear trend.



Gold has climbed higher in US dollar terms for six years in a row now, with annual percentage gains noted on the time axis.  Bull to date the Ancient Metal of Kings is up 182% as of this past May.  Gold’s long-term support lines have held rock solid for its entire bull, running parallel with its strong upward-sloping 200-day moving average.  Gold has carved seven major higher interim highs and seven major higher interim lows, an unmistakable secular-bull fingerprint.


About João Monge Ferreira

Desejo que cada uma das pessoas empreendedoras que estão dentro de empregos desalinhados com os seus talentos, conquistem a liberdade para abrirem seus próprios negócios.

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